Name Definition 4x4 Canvas

My son went to his first school friend party on the weekend and said on the way home: 'When I grow up I want to go to Ryker's house every day until I die!' Ok, that might be a bit unrealistic but glad he had fun! (Ryker has a great Lego collection.)

Here's a little 4x4" canvas I made using the new Alphabet Rotary Stamp (available from tomorrow- Tuesday 1st July). Oh yes, I am in love with this stamp just as I knew I would be. It co-ordinates beautifully with our Remember This and That Rotary Stamp too. 

Stamping on this size canvas was a little difficult as you can't put any backing in to hold the canvas firm. So I had to (imperfectly) patch a few of the letters with the basic black marker. But hey, that's what handmade is all about!

Susan Wong. Alphabet Rotary Stamp. 4x4 name definition canvas for a simple birthday present.

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