DIY Kids Art Gallery

Since my eldest started drawing I've dreamed of a changeable art gallery where I can display kid creations. When we were renting I tried hanging three clipboards on the wall but they quickly got cluttered and, um, I'd painted them really badly. I considered a collection of frames but the hassle of paper orientation and size, wanting an easily changeable space and their incompatibility with 3D art put me off. 

So after trawlling endlessly on Pinterest I kept coming back to this curtain wire idea which I first saw along the walls of my arty friend's bedroom when I was a teenager (always inspiring me Jo). These are IKEA Dignitet curtain wires we got from a seller on TradeMe if you're wondering.

Susan Wong. IKEA Dignitet Curtain Wire gallery.

And just because I can, I have to share my favourite little work of art right now. It's my daughter's (3) toilet roll creature - a happy mouse (centre). Tail, ears and whiskers included. Teehee. Too cute. 

Toilet paper roll mouse

Here's to a little less guilt over throwing most of their art straight in the recycling bin.
Thinking about other possibilities too - Christmas displays...?? Birthdays...

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  1. Looks great Susan, such creative little people in your place..:0) My daughter just bought those wires for the same thing...Cool idea!