Envelope Punch Board Box & Card Set

Tonight I'm sitting home waiting for our wee one to wake for his next feed before collapsing into bed for a night of broken sleep and more feeds. Tiring but rewarding. Meanwhile, my lovely ladies are doing some 'distance learning' and enjoying each other's company in my absence. Here's what they're making...

Susan Wong. Envelope Punch Board box and cards

See the box hiding behind in the picture there? It's made using the Stampin' Up! Envelope Punch Board. Here's the details for making a box perfect for 3x3" cards and envelopes:

You’ll need one 7x7” sheet of card stock.

1) Using the Envelope Punch Board, punch then score at 2 ¾” on all four sides.

2) Line up each score line with the ‘score guide’, punch and score again on all four sides.

3) Round the corners with the other side of the punch on the board.

4) Cut at the corners to create four flaps.

5) Enclose the bottom of the box by drawing in the sides and then adhering the flaps to the bottom ‘triangle’. 

And just because I can - here's a pic of our little Rupert born last Friday...

I can highly recommend my friend Keri-Anne if you or anyone you know are ever wanting birth photography. It's not about looking your best, it's about capturing those miraculous moments that we miss while we're going through labour. Check out her website here: www.firstlightbirthphotography.co.nz 

And the baby awakes - ping - that's my cue! 'Til next time. x


  1. Susan congratulations on gorgeous wee Rupert's safe arrival. I do love the idea of capturing the moments we miss when we are otherwise occupied *wink*. I look forward to seeing a few more in the coming weeks.

    Your ladies are making some gorgeous little goodies.

  2. Wow you are doing so well Susan finding time to post with a new baby. Wee Rupbert is totally gorgeous. TFS.