Wedding Invitations for Love

My brother-in-law and his beautiful fiancée are getting married this March at 'what I call' (Miranda reference) the wedding of the year!! I have so enjoyed the process of helping prepare a few of the paper side of things for their wedding. We had a great time together just before Christmas (sleepover and all -  oh my) making 60 of these babies. See some of my invite tips below.

Dan & Michelle Invitations ~ Susan Wong

Invitation Making ~ Susan Wong

Wedding Invitations by Susan Wong

Tips for making invitations en masse:
- Listen to the bride and groom to be. It's a given that their opinion is important here and they're trusting you with setting the first impressions of the mood for their wedding.
- Think economically. How many cards can you squeeze into one A4 sheet with minimal leftovers? 
- Incorporate the wedding colours. 
- Keep it simple - the more detail, the more time consuming it is to reproduce. 
- Use a quality laser printer and paper for graphics (photos, digital stamps, text etc). 
- Consider a magnet for the back so guests can keep it handy on the fridge. I picked some strong sticky ones up from the local print shop for 6c each.

Details for this Invitation:
Smoky Slate - 9.9 x 17.8cm (3 per A4). Score at 2.8cm and partially punch with 11/4" circle.
Crisp Cantaloupe - 9.9 x 14.8cm (4 per A4).
Photo printed on textured white card from the local print shop.
'LOVE' silver embossed using Alphabet Rotary Stamp and hand cut.
50cm Venetian Crochet Trim
16cm Black Baker's Twine
'Choose Happiness' (from Choose Happiness 134198) hand stamped on back in Smoky Slate (no pic).

Photo Credit: Nisha Ravji Photography
Graphic Design: With help from the handy husband, Mr Jason Wong. xx. 
Special thanks to the happy couple for letting me share :)


  1. Very beautiful! Hope they have a great day!

  2. These are beautiful! I've wanted to venture out and sell zone but I don't know what to charge.

    1. It's a hard one to judge that one! It really depends on the cost of the invite (another reason to keep it simple) so would probably be done on a wedding by wedding basis at least initially. The beauty of immediate family is that I didn't want/need to charge them for my time and we made them together so I only had to think about cost of materials. In fact, most wedding invitations I've done have been this way. Lol. If you go for it, I wish you all the best in your venture. xox

    2. Thanks Susan! My friend from church just hot engaged and she asked me to make "will you be my bridesmaid?" Cards and she mentioned she would be doing most of the wedding stuff DIY. Maybe I'll let her be my guinea pig on invitations :). If you'd be will to share more on this project I would be appreciative. Is that a pocket on top? Or is there stuff written on the back?

    3. Oo that's exciting Holly. Would you mind flicking me an email so I remember to reply to you properly? I can send you some extra pics.

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