Teacher Gifts 2013

Here are the little boxes of bliss balls I put together for our very devoted kindy teachers this year. They (the balls) are both tasty and healthy thanks to the expertise of a friend and her magimix!

Susan Wong. Teacher gifts 2013

The boxes are made using a 7x7" square of Afternoon Picnic designer paper and the magnificent new Stampin' Up! envelope punch board.

Check out the video tutorial here. Note that she uses a 6x6" square. That turned out a little small for me as I needed to fit four cellophane-packaged bliss balls in each box. You can make these with a flat top or thread the string through as she shows you in the video. Adjust the size of your box by cutting whatever size square you want and dividing your  edge measurement by three (e.g: punch and socre at the 5.9cm mark for a 7" square).

Merry Christmas everyone.

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  1. What a great gift idea Susan. Happy Christmas to you and your family.