Just Add Ink #185

Now that it's October, it's really not too soon to think about Christmas. I'm not that crazy with being super organised but it has been fun putting on some carols in the car and singing along. To my surprise, my kids (preschoolers) still remember a few from last year. I must sing them at frequent enough intervals..?? At Just Add Ink this week, we're posing a colour challenge. Head on over and have a go.

Being one of five siblings this Christmas was quite significant in that we were only missing one person from the whole lot of us! I crammed a lot of photos on one page, that's for sure, but my favourite would have to be my awesome Ugandan bro-in-law indulging in the kiwi pavlova experience. 

And check out my freehand stitching on the cotton ribbon. Less than perfect but exactly as I wanted it so let's label it rustic...

Susan Wong xmas 2011 layout

Susan Wong Xmas 2011 layout detail


  1. Its so hard not use lots of photos for special family occasions like this Susan! You did a great job of making it all work together and I love that unique hand stitched touch!

  2. It sounds like a lovely way to spend Christmas day Susan, family, food & fun! Your layout is lovely, the little hints of Coastal peeking out really draws the eye. xxx

  3. Susan you've captured this lovely day in such a great way - the colour combo this week really works well with your photos.