Tying the Knot - JAI #154

There's a pop-up card challenge at Just Add Ink! The following is my entry...

Some very special friends of ours get married next week. This card is very symbollic of course - get it?
{Thanks to my DH for being my hand model.}

Susan Wong, Tying the Knot Pop Up 2

Susan Wong, Tying the Knot Pop Up 3

Susan Wong, Tying the Knot Pop Up 4


  1. Love this! So clever Susan! ~Krystyna~ x

  2. This is adorable. What a great idea and with permission one that I will definitely CASe.

    1. Go ahead Nancy! Nothing is really original. I saw the initial concept on Pinterest and dressed it up!

  3. This is SO beautiful, Susan! I have no idea why I hadn't commented on this special little project before; very remiss of me. Love it.